Exactly How to Replace U Joints: A Comprehensive Overview

U joints, additionally called global joints, are a necessary component of the drivetrain system in lorries. These joints permit the smooth transfer of power from the transmission to the wheels, allowing the vehicle to relocate and steer efficiently. Over time, U joints can wear out or become harmed, resulting in vibrations, clunking sounds, and also drivability concerns. In this short article, we will direct you with the procedure of changing U joints, guaranteeing that your vehicle stays in optimal condition.

What You Will certainly Require

Before you begin the substitute process, collect the adhering to devices and products:

  • Jack stands
  • Hydraulic jack tonerin catena or floor jack
  • Outlet wrench collection
  • Torque wrench
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Grease weapon
  • Substitute U joints
  • Safety goggles and handwear covers

Step-by-Step Overview

Follow these steps to replace U joints in your car:

Action 1: Safety First

Ensure your vehicle is parked on a level, level surface area. Engage the parking brake and chock the wheels to prevent any type of unintentional activity. Put on your security goggles and gloves prior to starting the substitute procedure.

Step 2: Increase the Automobile

Utilizing a hydraulic jack or a floor jack, raise the vehicle’s back side to access to the U joint. Location jack stands under the framework to protect the automobile, making certain security throughout the repair service process.

Action 3: Situate the U Joints

Recognize the U joints on the driveshaft. They are generally situated near the back differential. Depending upon the car, there might be several U joints to replace.

Tip 4: Remove the Driveshaft

Using a socket wrench, remove the bolts or straps protecting the driveshaft to the back differential and transmission. Carefully move the driveshaft out from the transmission, making note of its orientation and placement for reinstallation.

Tip 5: Remove the U Joint Caps

With the driveshaft removed, find the U joint caps, which hold the U joint in position. Usage pliers or a hammer and punch to get rid of the keeping clips that secure the caps. Gently touch the caps with a hammer to loosen them, then thoroughly eliminate them.

Action 6: Change the U Joints

Secure the old U joints from the driveshaft yoke by pushing them out. Apply a percentage of oil to the new U joints’ needle bearings for lubrication. Put the brand-new U joints right into the driveshaft yoke, seeing to it they line up appropriately.

Action 7: Protect the U Joint Caps

Location the U joint caps back onto the driveshaft yoke, guaranteeing they are straightened with the grooves. Use a hammer to tap the caps into location. Re-install the retaining clips to safeguard the U joint caps properly.

Step 8: Reinstall the Driveshaft

Carefully move the driveshaft back into the transmission, straightening it with its original placement. Secure the driveshaft to the rear differential and transmission using the screws or straps you got rid of earlier. Torque them to the producer’s specifications making use of a torque wrench.

Step 9: Lower the Lorry

Making use of the hydraulic jack or flooring jack, reduced the vehicle to the ground. Remove the jack stands and make certain the automobile is steady prior to continuing.

Step 10: Check the U Joints

Begin the car and test the U joints by driving at numerous speeds. Focus on any kind of resonances, clunking sounds, or abnormal behaviors. If everything feels smooth and typical, the substitute procedure was successful.


Replacing U joints is an important maintenance job that makes sure the ideal performance cardiotens precio colombia and safety and security of your lorry. By following this thorough guide, you can confidently change put on or damaged U joints and keep the smooth procedure of your vehicle’s drivetrain system.

Bear in mind, if you are unclear regarding any action or do not have the necessary tools, it is always advised to look for expert aid from a certified auto mechanic.

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